Inside the Kit

Hey, so you made it this

welcome to the world of create ornate we are very excited to have you here! we put together a kit designed to really let you go wild. your imagination is really your only limitation. feeling extra creative? don’t read ahead! just dive right in and produce your masterpiece.
need some tips? go online to to get some visual inspiration and guidance; either way, be sure to share!

glitter (inside & outside)

To start, make sure the inside of the ornament ball is dust free. If it does appear to be dusty, pour in some vinegar, swirl it around and let it dry clean. Apply our ‘Glitter-Brite’, by squeezing about a quarter of the amount in the bottle, inside the ornament. Now swirl the liquid around by tilting the ornament and turning it in your hands; tilting and turning so the liquid covers the entire surface. Then turn the ornament ball upside down and let the excess ‘Glitter-Brite’ drain into a plastic cup. Pour in about 2/3 of the glitter; leaving some left over in the bottle. (We’ll need that later to decorate the outside of the ornaments) . Now swirl the glitter around by tilting the ornament and turning it in your hands; tilting and turning so the glitter adheres to the entire surface. twist on the cap and shake. In seconds you’ll be holding a fully glittered ornament ready for more decoration. Glitter can really be used inside and outside to complete a dazzling look.

acrylic paint (inside)

Inside TreatmentIf glossy is your goal, then squeeze some acrylic paint into the ornament. Shake it to cover the whole interior. Then let it drip-dry. Any of the exterior treatments you use will look great. So have fun!


A feather fill can create a great backdrop for your special handwritten message or a fantastic show of glitter; or anywhere else your imagination can take you.


Now you can make Christmas personal again. Compose your own message to a friend or loved one in your own words. Draw images, circles, swirls and anything else you can dream up. Don’t worry about messing up; the ink dries quickly. Don’t worry about making a mess - the ink dries quickly. Don’t worry about making mistakes; our handy alcohol wipes will erase the ink quickly.


We couldn’t take it upon ourselves to decide what phrases you’d like to use; so we’re leaving it up to you! Create your own message for the holidays. Mix n’ match words with our re-position able stickers. Choose from our word and image bank to form the phrases that work best for you! Mix n’ match words over and over.


Accent and brighten your ornaments in ways that you never thought possible. Mix n’match sizes and colors to embellish your designs your own special way. You can apply them on ribbon; or decorate around the cap for a brilliant effect.

3D paint

Add dimension to your words and design effects using our specially formulated 3D Paint. Draw snowflakes, circles, winter scenes and more. Like everything else we design; you can wipe clean, and start all over again. Glitter with 3D Paint Dimension meets glitter! Everything you can do with our 3D Paint will shine like gold when you add glitter. Simply create your words, images and effects. Then cover with a variety of glitter colors. There are so many ways to personalize your holiday ornaments. You’ll have fun choosing from your best ideas.

acrylic paint (outside)

Let’s face it, everybody loves to paint! You too can be a Picasso for a day. It’s easy, fun and very therapeutic. Squirt some paint onto the ball. Spread the paint evenly with the included foam brush. Use several coats to create a matte effect. Sprinkle some glitter while the paint is wet or use the other outside treatments after the paint dries.


Add the finishing touch by making a ribbon ornament hanger. Cut the ribbon in half and then in half again to get 4 ribbons. You can decorate them with gemstones or the 3D Paint. Tie, staple, or glue a loop around the cap ring. Your ornament is now ready to go up on the tree. Good job!